4DR024 – Maxim Lebedev “Disco Groove” OUT NOW!!!


4DISCO Records keeps em commin ! Here´s the latest EP by Maxim Lebedev, including 6 great underground discohouse tunes for your pleasure ! Give it a listen and get your party jumpin !


4DR022 – Agent Stereo – DISCO THERAPY EP OUT NOW!!!


We’re back once again with the power of disco house!
This time, with the sound of a big boy: chilean dj/producer Agent Stereo shows us his skills and surprises us with his DISCO THERAPY, which consists of 7 original tracks that will be the perfect cure for your lack of energy! The compilation also includes fantastic remixes from JR Disco, Joey Chicago, Ren Riz, Da Boogie Star and DJ Las K.
Remember to follow Agent’s works at www.soundcloud.com/agentstereo

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We are pleased to present the latest work from a german DJ who was a fundamental part of the disco-house music revival. We’re talking about JR DISCO, recognized for his great works at the legendary Disco Galaxy Records group.

“Streets” is the name of JR’s fabulous track. Pure coolness disco house. As usual, a great track must be accompanied by some awesome remixes: this time we included works from The SKingz, Banana Groovz, Agent Stereo and Fierce City.

4DR019 - REN RIZ - Alright EP OUT NOW!!!

We don’t stop! This time with the great music of a talented DJ / Producer from Melbourne, Australia: REN RIZ! The compilation consists of 4 original tracks (Alright, Beside Me, Summer Nights and You) plus remixes from Attack Yourself, JR Disco and the SKingz.

Available at Beatport and the main online stores!!!

Listen to a preview: