The Crew


Cristian Delvalle a.k.a Agent Stereo a.k.a. Fierce City a.k.a. Monotrax! a.k.a. Dip Disc a.k.a. DJ Bender was born at the mid 80s. He is a producer from Colina, Chile, who has been composing diferent genres of Electronic music since 2000, using differents nicknames for each music genre. But undoubtedly, one of his most recognized projects is “Agent Stereo”, which was created in 2008 under the label Disco Galaxy Records Germany. Agent Stereo tracks have been played by djs around the world. The song “Sexy Dancer” was included in MIXMAG’s promo cd, mixed by Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helden and A-Trak). Agent Stereo is constantly producing remixes for another artists. Cristian has played in various discotheques around Chile, sharing the stage with some of the most important Djs in his country.



Born in 1981, Basti is a 28 year old DJ and producer from Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany. He started working on an AMIGA 1200 in 1996 trying to produce samplebased housemusic in 4-track tracker-software. As time moved on he jumped over to PC-systems years later. From 2002 till 2008 he was constantly working on some trax in the backround but most of the time he was focussed on DJing in the ruhr-area.
In 2004 he started DJing for mth.House (, known as one of the biggest House Music Web Radio Stations in germany. Skingz earlier worx like “Headlines” and “Close my Eyes” were widely shared amongst internet savvy discoers. In 2008 he released the “Just for your love EP” as a digital EP. 2009 started with the 80’s influenced “Lightstepper” which received massive support from various discohouse-DJs.
SKingz has done remixes for Agent Stereo, DJ EQ, Groove Savor and Joey Chicago, releasing mostly on DISCOGALAXY Records.
In 2009, SKingz gained wide notarity for the inception of the “mth.House Filter-Sessions” radio show!! Spotlighting his more than a decade of djing skills, SKingz has been rock steady on keeping the discohouse scene growing and thriving.


..DJ EQ:..

DJ EQ is a 32 year old dj/producer from Philadelphia. In 1995, after years of playing electric guitar, EQ got his first set of turntables and that, as they say, was that. For the next 5 years leading into 2000, EQ grew too greatly appreciate all forms of electronic music. Styles such as early jungle/drum and bass, techno, house, trance and breaks were all of great interest. Eventually, DJ EQ became known for his funky sets gradually upping the tempo and playing a mixture of funky breaks and house music.
Around 2000, DJ EQ put together a home studio and began producing a variety of styles and tracks. Around this time, EQ was a heavy turntablist and consistently competed in DJ Battles in Philadelphia and NYC, flexing some crazy cuts and scratch routines. As the years went on, DJ EQ settled back into the funky house sound he had first fell in love with all those years ago in the 90’s and began producing a wide range of Disco/Funky/Filter tracks.
DJ EQ’s live Discolife mix series has been widely distributed and featured on -MTH- radio numerous times. Currently DJ EQ releases with Discogalaxy/Secret Service Records, BEATISM and Exquise Records.



In 1987, Joey Chicago was born in a little Town called Guetersloh in Germany. At the age of 15 years he bought his first turntables which helped him to discover electronic Music. He began to do mixsets with only good old Disco House sound. Later he gets bored of the new way of House music so he started to produce some own Songs, with strong influences of his beloved Disco House Vinlys from the past.
In Summer 2008 he released his first Song on Discogalaxy Records called “Jane”. After that he released much Songs and Remixes on Labels like Discogalaxy/Secret Service (Germany),Kraak Records (Greece),Beatism Records (USA), A45 Records (Germany), he also had a guest track on the swedish House Label Club-a-Club.
Joey Chicago also had gigs in famous House Clubs like Cafe Europa (Bielefeld/DE),Limit Club (Hameln/DE) or Hexenhouse(Bocholt/DE).



Since he was five years old Herman Orphey (D.J. R.E.D.) knew that music was his destiny. At the age of ten he went to a school party and realized that he was drawn to the deejay booth and was totally hooked. After receiving his first turntables at the age of twelve and teaching himself how to spin, D.J. R.E.D. was known as Herman “The Springer” Orphey. In 1989 (age 16), he auditioned for and was accepted as resident deejay to represent his school on WKKC radio. Throughout his career he’s graced the airwaves of different radio/internet stations across the nation such as WGCI, WBMX, WKKC and Some his musical influences include deejays like “Fast” Eddie Smith, Mike “Hitman” Wilson, Mario “Smoking” Diaz, Ron Hardy, Lil’ Louis…just to name a few. After high school he met Paul Johnson who inspired him to start making house tracks. At the age of nineteen Herman “The Springer” Orphey released his first two records under Dance Mania Records. In 1996 Herman “The Springer” Orphey became D.J. R.E.D., Deejay Real Every Day. He moved to Atlanta, GA in 2002, later on met D.J. Mike Music. D.J. Mike Music helped him to realize his potential in deejaying and producing. Embracing his new found potential his released (2004) a third album with Bump City Records, In 2010, after been in exile for 6 years, he hookup with Banging Groove Records, who decided to give him a chance in this new house world. Now beening mentor by Dj Funsko(Banging Groove Records), Sean Biddle(Bid Muzik Recording), & Jon Waller(Nocturnal Recordings), the future seems endless as an artist & a DJ. “…all I ever wanted was to be heard by many and to tell my story through music. Everybody has a role to play. My role is to bring the energy to house music that the others won’t. That why I’m unpredictable, uncontrollable, and uncompromising.


..JR (JR DISCO):..

JR is an young talented DJ and producer from germany. He is deejaying since 15 years. He started playing in clubs with an age of 13 years. His background of disco music is big. He has a great collection of 70s disco music. He plays strictly house music and disco house. JR started producing house music in 2001. He produced his first record for disco galaxy in 2005 and remixed a lot tracks for other artists like NuFunk, The Tabledancers, Pierre de la Touche, Honey Shakerz. You can also find his tracks on diverse House Complations. JR also presented his DJ Mix on This radio station is known for the best house music in the UK. JR also played in Budapest (Hungary), Zürich (Switzerland), etc.


House music so nasty it’s guaranteed to leave you dirty and wet.” About sean biddle House music so nasty it’s guaranteed to leave you dirty and wet.” Although his musical career started with playing keyboard in a high school band, Sean Biddle’s real passion began years later when he was exposed to the rave scene in Colorado. With his creativity ignited, Sean, at age 20, released his first record “The Lift” on Daisey Age Records. Sean has been churning out dirty bangin’ house music ever since. The past ten years have been prolific with 100 or more releases. His studio repertoire includes work for Bid Muzik, Nine Records, Sureplayer and Shaboom records,just to name a few. His track “Malfunktion,” released on Moonshine, was played on MTV’s Making the Video, while his side project, The N.S.D Project, could be heard on episodes of MTV’s Road Rules and The Real World. Sean’s newest outing is his own record label Bid Muzik. With the support of Ninechannel Mutlimedia, Inc., Bid Muzik has been pushing the envelope of funky house music. He isn’t stopping there, either. While he infuses Bid Muzik with his inventiveness and energy, he continues to look for new opportunities for collaboration and supporting new talent. Sean can be seen tearing up the turntables as well. Keep an eye out for this purveyor of dirty, chunky, house music. We’ve just had a taste of what’s to come as house music clears a top-notch spot for this exciting producer.


Jhon Roux was born in Armenia, Colombia. His interest in music starts when he was 12. Later, in 2006, he became into a DJ, playing in differents clubs. Inspired in House, Disco and Funk Music, Jhon made the difference, became in one of the most outstanding DJs in his country.
His love of House Music led him to produce his own works. Tracks as “Imagination”, “The Smoke Machine”, “Open Up Your Mind” were a success at the dancefloors of his city. Since 2011 he is part of 4Disco Records, producing great tracks which have been part of different dj sessions, and being played in different clubs of the globe. Jhon promises to keep producing, providing high-quality sounds to the House Music scene around the world.

CH1M3R4 was born in Aguascalientes, México, in early 90s. He became a dj in late 2007, but it wasn’t until 2009 when he started to produce his own House Music, releasing his first tracks in august of that same year. His main influences in were Daft Punk, Le Knigh Club and Archigram.
In 2010, CH1M3R4 released his first album called “Alpha Centauri”, under Phantom Records. Later, with his track “Sentimento”, he caught the attention of many djs, who included the track in their sessions.
CH1M3R4 was part in several times of a radioshow in “Alcarria Savage Tunes Radio”, where he presented his albums like ‘Alpha Centauri Remixed’. Works like ‘Femme Chanceuse’ and ‘Vivace’ has been included in mixtapes, and featured in recognized blogs and music sites in all over the world.
..LOVE & MIND:..

Love & Mind is a young talented House Music Producer from Germany.
Born in the early 90s he discoverd electronic music and especially French House. At the age of 14 he began to make music influenced by his “French Heros” from the past.

Under his motto: “Feel the love in the musique” he is samshing out high quality filtering french House Music.

So PAY ATTANTION on this guy!


Jean Tonique is a french guy from Paris who uses gin, lemon, Schweppes, and samples to create some heavy funky disco sounds.
He dropped the bomb “Dynomite” for free on the web last september, and started to get the attention of a lot of house music blogs in all over the world.
Playlisted by influent artists like Breakbot, Louis La Roche or Treasure Fingers.

You definitely should keep an eye on him !


..DJ. KORSS:..

Matt Kordowski (DJ Korss) was born in early 90s in a small town called Trzebiatów, Poland. Since his early years he was emotionally connected to House Music, influenced by Daft Punk’s “Homework” album and his eldest brother. Were him that encouraged Matt to create his own music. The first soft that Korss used to create some music were “Music 2000” for the Playstation console.



M’Pulse is a french artist from France, Paris.
He was born in the early 90s, and has been into electronic music at first.
He used his very first mixing software at the age of 13, Virtual DJ.
Later on, he’ll switch on Live Ableton, and starting to discover what French House is,
and growing a very nice french house music culture, thanks to his brother Nicolas (aka N’Joy).



If you haven’t heard of Earl Grey yet, then it’s about time. This young producer who lives in Atlanta, USA, is the youngest member of the 4DR family. With his great productions on souncloud, Earl capture the djs attention because his high-quality house music. Big catch if you’re a french touch lover!


Greg aka Groove Savor is a young DJ and House Music Producer from Switzerland. With several original tracks and remixes, his productions are in diferent labels as Bleenchic, Choochmusic, Banging Grooves Records. His works are from different genres as Funky House, Disco House, Soulful, French House.




XSNiGHT aka Jeremy D. is a young artist who lives in south of France. He started to play music at collegue into a local group. His first workstation was an Atari, which allow him to discover a new universe “Demo Scene World’s.”, that consists of mix electronic music & realtime graphic. In same time he’s discover the new sound of house music: Deaf n Dumb Crew, Pete Heller, Phunkee Souls, Full Intention, Studio Nova, PJ, BushBaby, Dog’s Biscuits. He finally began to make music inspirated by the root of electronic music: Funky and Disco music! Stay tuned with his next works on 4DISCO Records.


..Ren Riz:..

26 year old Melbourne based producer Ren Riz first got into electronic music at the tender age of 12, thanks to a local pirate radio station and their affinity for Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’. He started honing his own production skills in the early 2000s, making hip hop and old skool electro beats. 10 years later a trip to Paris got him interested in music coming out on labels like Institubes and Ed Banger, and it wasn’t long before he began focusing on electro house under the name Ren Riz.

And that French connection is very much evident in his music today as he deftly interweaves nu disco and electro sounds into classic sample-based French filter house. Watch out for his new EP Summer Nights out really soon on 4Disco Records, which includes bloggers’ delight ‘Beside Me’. Delivering a fresh slice of feel-good filter funkin’ house, it looks set to make this sonic reducer’s star shine bright.


..Nathan Swiss:..

Nathan Swiss is the alias that Jonathan Schweitzer take for this project in 2011. This Dutch producer has been in the house music business since 1998. It all started by his love for 70’s and 80’s funk, disco, electro.

After a big break he is back once again, better than before. Fresh start, fresh music, great synths with a french touch. You’ll feel his good music!


..Banana Groovz:..

Szato Szatewicz aka. Banana Groovz [Milk and Sugar Recordings, DiamondHouse, Dirty Monkey, Midwest Hustle Music, 4Disco Records]
Electronic music producer dj.Specifically house music producer from Poland. He started creating his first tracks in 2003. Since 2006 he has been focused on house music, which became his main musical genre. He has always been interested in the music of the 70’s and the 80’s, the elements of which are easy to find in his productions. He cooperates with Jackie, another Polish producer.His tracks currently get support from world class DJs such as: Treasure Fingers(Defected in The House), Lisa Shaw, Miquel Migs, Deep Josh, Bear Who, South of Roosevelt, Corduroy Mavericks, Richard Earnshaw, Angel Pina, Ralf Gum, Souldynamic, Yves Murasca, Milk & Sugar, Dj Dove, Cassian, Nick Power, Grant Nelson, Jesse Voorn, Mark Picchiotti, Tony Humphries, and Demarkus Lewis and many others.
He was the resident of ‘BoomBar’ club, Poland.

..Maxim Lebedev:..

Максим Лебедев or Maxim Lebedev is a young talent from Ukraine. He was born in Donetsk in 1992.
In his childhood, he heard a Daft Punk cd’s from a friend and immediately felt in love with this incredible kind of music.  Later, when he was 16 years, he realized that listen to electronic music was not enough, so he decided start to work on his own tracks.
After hours, days, months and years of house music hearing, Maxim improved his work, begining to to cooperate with music labels. In 2011 he releases his first tracks under Ulysse Records, where he is constantly releasing house music.
Owner of a underground funky sound, Maxim arrives to 4Disco Records with some of his best sounds!

..95 Royale:..

95 Royale, born as Steve Mar, is a young and prolific producer from Brisbane, Australia. With only 17 years old is owner of a particular style that people love!
His inspiration comes from legends of house music as Daft Punk, Poka, Play Paul, and The Phantom’s Revenge.
At 13 years old he realized that house music will be his favourite kind of music for life. One year after that he started doing mashups and later he started producing his own music, that today 4Disco Records brings to you!

..Nick Redux:..

Nicholas Tchernov, also known as Nick Redux, is a 15 yrs old producer who lives in Toronto, Canada.

Started producing progressive and electro house, but was inspired to produce french music from listening to a live french set. Main influences are Justice, Darius, Cherokee, Lemaitre among others.  Also he loves to produce all kind of house music! Stay tuned to listen some hot projects from this young but big artist!



Tomio, also known as Thomas Elzanowski, started his adventure with music in the 90’s, listening to friday’s broadcast of the Radio Club Music For You, since virtually all began.

Gradually he learned about music production, what will eventually become into a lifelong passion. The desire to create his own works and the continuous acquisition of music production knowledge resulted in his own productions. His first hit “Gotta Tell You” was released in Minimalove Records in 2011, a funky-house track that turned into a genre that seeks to continue until today.

Thomas keeps experiencing with house music, offering you a range of different styles, that goes from Funky and Disco until strong Progressive and Tech-House.


..Da Boogie Star:..

David Ruiz, also known as Da Boogie Star and Dj Touch, was born in Santiago de Chile in late 80’s.

Since he was very young, he showed interest in music from the 70’s and 80’s. But it wasn’t until 1998 he met Disco-House and was influenced by artists like David Morales, Lost N Alive, Antoine Clamaran, Armand Van Helden, Robbie Rivera, Revival 3000, Olav Basoski, among others.

In 1997 he started his career as a dj, playing in different house-parties.  Around 2000  he started to play music in massive parties and clubs from Santiago as Baleduc. From 2002 to 2007 David showed his skills in different clubs such as Puerto Colonial, Adrenalina Discotheque, Discotheque Pirámide, Discotheque Alfa, Discotheque Bocaccio, between others. Also he has been part of some Raves like “Hard Nation”, “Urban Rave”, “Isla Negra” and “Cajón Del Maipo”.


..DJ Zimmo:..

DJ Zimmo has been a professional DJ for over 15 years, born in Birmingham, England. It was back in 89 when he first became involved in the house scene, listening to his very first mixtape and from that moment on he knew where his passion lay. After acquiring his first set of turntables aged 18, it wasn’t long before he mastered the skill of beat matching, paving the way to play his first gig. This progressed to him having successful residencies at Sundissential, The Institute & Marco Polo Bar in his home town. Zimmo has also performed at many venues across the UK & overseas with further bookings already secured for 2012.

Given the meteorical rise of the Internet, logical progression enabled him to move forward into creating his very own podcast, so he could reach a much wider, global audience. He’s also now become one of the top 100 house music podcasters in the world. His “Funky Vocal House Sessions” on itunes has now achieved over half a million downloads since its launch in 2009 and currently has 100,000+ subscribers.

The amalgamating factor throughout his career has been his dedicated passion for the music. Ultimately leading him to now start producing his very own funky & disco house tracks. 2012 is already shaping up to be a very busy year for Zimmo in the studio with many projects and releases forthcoming. Zimmo has prided himself, always, on his unrequited love of the original disco sound, which emanates thoughout his selection.


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  1. Alex ⋅

    is there any more info about groove savor?

  2. Thank you all for your passion and work!!! I’m a inspired dj that’s spinning your tracks and loves your labels… Thank you!!

  3. The Best Label Of Disco House!!!!!

  4. Malicious Pig ⋅

    Good addition of DJ Zimmo …an absolute legend right there !
    Birmingham’s finest

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