Cat: 4DRFH

Artist: VA

Title: Filter Heaven EP

Release Date: 2010


  1. Dj EQ – Life in Space (Original Mix)
  2. Agent Stereo – Music 4 My Soul (Original Mix)
  3. Joey Chicago – Stop Crying (Original Mix)
  4. SKingz – Make up my mind (Original Mix)

Additional Info: First 4DR EP, available for free download. It was 4DR001 some months,  before we did release “4DR Essentials vol.1”.

Link to the Release: www.4discorecords.com/FH_EP.rar



Artist: Fierce City

Title: Kings Of Funk EP

Release Date: 2010


  1. Fierce City – Yo Boss DJ (Original Mix)
  2. Fierce City – Yo Boss DJ (Dj EQ Philly Blunts ‘n Bass Remix)
  3. Fierce City – I Have a Dream (Original Mix)
  4. Fierce City – I Have a Dream (Joey Chicago’s Spring Mix)
  5. Fierce City – Sex (Original Mix)
  6. Fierce City – Sex (SKingz Classic Beats Mix)

Additional Info: Second 4DR EP by Fierce City. It includes hot remixes from Joey Chicago, DJ EQ and the SKingz. Available for free download. It was 4DR002 some months,  before we did release “Into your Eyes EP”.

Link to the Release: www.4discorecords.com/KOF_EP.rar


Cat: 4DR001

Artist: Various Artists

Title: 4Disco Records Essentials vol.1

Release Date: March/07/2011


  1. SKingz – Blew Up (Original Mix)
  2. DJ EQ – Squawk Talk (Original Mix)
  3. Joey Chicago – Stay With Me (Original Mix)
  4. Agent Stereo – Don’t Need It (Original Mix)
  5. JR Disco – Catch The Dollar (Original Mix)
  6. Jean Tonique – Lookin’ For A Love (Original Mix)
  7. Jhon Roux – Look Out (Original Mix)
  8. Love and Mind – The Four Men (Original Mix)
  9. DJ Korss – Lucky (Original Mix)
  10. R.E.D. – It’s Possible (Original Mix)
  11. Ch1m3r4 – Funk Flow (Original Mix)

Additional Info: This was the first release available in music stores. It was a compilation of 11 tracks from different producers of the globe.

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR002

Artist: Joey Chicago

Title: Into Your Eyes EP

Release Date: March/21/2011


  1. Joey Chicago – Into Your Eyes (Original Mix)
  2. Joey Chicago – Into Your Eyes (SKingz Remix)
  3. Joey Chicago – Into Your Eyes (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
  4. Joey Chicago – Into Your Eyes (Le Babar Remix)

Additional Info: Second release that included this Amazing tracks and great remixes from SKingz, Le Babar and The Phantom’s Revenge..

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR003

Artist: Groove Savor

Title: Gathered Togheter EP

Release Date: April/18/2011


  1. Groove Savor – Gathered Together (Original Mix)
  2. Groove Savor – Gathered Together (Agent Stereo Remix)
  3. Groove Savor – Gathered Together (Love & Mind Remix)
  4. Groove Savor – Gathered Together Joey Chicago Remix)
  5. Groove Savor – Gathered Together (SKingz Remix)

Additional Info: A great DJ, remixer and house music producer from Switzerland: Groove Savor presents us GATHERED TOGETHER… An amazing tune, inspirated in 80’s funk music.

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR004

Artist: SKingz

Title: Living Up EP

Release Date: May/16/2011


  1. SKingz – Living Up  (Original Mix)
  2. SKingz – Living Up  (Geisha Twins Remix)
  3. SKingz – Living Up  (Jhon Roux Remix)
  4. SKingz – Living Up  (madDelish Remix)
  5. SKingz – Living Up  (Dj Korss Remix)
  6. SKingz – Living Up  (Agent Stereo Remix)

Additional Info: “Living Up” by The SKingz is a hot piece of discohouse that will make the dancefloor D.A.N.C.E !
Comming with great remixes and interpretations by THE GEISHA TWINS // AGENT STEREO // JHON ROUX //
DJ KORSS and madDELISH you can start “Living Up !”

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR005

Artist: Agent Stereo

Title: Funktracks EP

Release Date: May/30/2011


  1. Agent Stereo – Good Thing  (Original Mix)
  2. Agent Stereo – Good Thing  (SKingz Remix)
  3. Agent Stereo – Good Thing  (madDelish Remix)
  4. Agent Stereo – Sexy Lady (Original Mix)
  5. Agent Stereo – Sexy Lady (Jhon Roux Remix)
  6. Agent Stereo – Sexy Lady (DJ Korss Remix)

Additional Info: Agent Stereo presents FUNKTRACKS EP: TWO original tracks plus FOUR great remixes from Jhon Roux, DJ Korss, madDelish and SKingz!

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR006

Artist: Sean Biddle

Title: I Wanna Be With You EP

Release Date: June/20/2011


  1. Sean Biddle – I Wanna Be With You  (Original Mix)
  2. Sean Biddle – I Wanna Be With You  (Vince Fierro Remix)
  3. Sean Biddle – I Wanna Be With You  (Fierce City Remix)
  4. Sean Biddle – Fine Times  (Original Mix)
  5. Sean Biddle – Fine Times  (SKingz Remix)
  6. Sean Biddle – Fine Times  (Joey Chicago Remix)
  7. Sean Biddle – Fine Times  (DJ EQ Remix)

Additional Info: Fabulous release with 2 original tracks from the well-known dj/producer Sean Biddle, including remixes from DJ Eq, Joey Chicago, the SKingz, Vince Fierro and Fierce City.

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR007

Artist: M’Pulse

Title: Moonbathing EP

Release Date: July/04/2011


  1. M’Pulse – Moonbathing  (Original Mix)
  2. M’Pulse – Moonbathing (SKingz Remix)
  3. M’Pulse – Moonbathing  (R.E.D. Remix)
  4. M’Pulse – Moonbathing  (CH1M3R4 Remix)
  5. M’Pulse – Moonbathing  (Fierce City Remix)

Additional Info: Introducing M’PulseMoonbathing EP“, a release that will explode the dancefloor. Includes surprising remixes from CH1M3RA, R.E.D., Fierce City and the SKingz!.

Link to the Release: Here!


Cat: 4DR008

Artist: Various

Title: 4Disco Records Summer Essentials

Release Date: July/25/2011


  1. JR – Needin U  (Original Mix)
  2. Agent Stereo – Last Romance (Original Mix)
  3. OHYEAH – Purple Pain (Original Mix)
  4. Joey Chicago – Love Call (Original Mix)
  5. SKingz – Come My Way (Original Mix)
  6. R.E.D. – Best Thing Goin’ (Original Mix)
  7. DJ EQ – Disco Queen (Original Mix)
  8. Fierce City – You Freak Me Out (Original Mix)
  9. Love & Mind – Your House (Original Mix)

Additional Info: 4Disco Records hits again!!! This time with this amazing summer compilation, full of good vibes, heat and disco house! Premium and exclusive tracks from JR, Agent Stereo, OHYEAH, Joey Chicago, SKingz, DJ EQ, R.E.D., Love & Mind and Fierce City.

Link to the Release: Here


Cat: 4DR009

Artist: R.E.D.

Title: Chicano Life

Release Date: August/08/2011


  1. Chicano Life (Original Mix)
  2. Chicano Life (Agent Stereo ‘Chileno’ Remix)
  3. Chicano Life (Joey Chicago Remix)
  4. Chicano Life (Chicano Life JR Disco ‘Cubano’ Remix)
  5. Chicano Life (Jhon Roux ‘Colombiano’ Remix)
  6. Chicano Life (Fierce City Remix)
  7. Chicano Life (Earl Da Grey Remix)

Additional Info: 4Disco Records is happy to announce an amazing compilation with latin flavours. R.E.D. brings us an excellent track called “Chicano Life”. The release includes fresh and exclusive remixes from Agent Stereo, Joey Chicago,  JR Disco, Jhon Roux, Fierce City and Earl Da Grey.

Link to the Release: Here


Cat: 4DR010

Artist: Jhon Roux

Title: Groove Town

Release Date: August/22/2011


  1. Groove Town (Original Mix)
  2. Star Love (Original Mix)
  3. Disco Music (Original Mix)
  4. Star Love (Super Drug Remix)
  5. Disco Music (SKingz Slow Jam Remix)

Additional Info:  We are back! This time with an incredible EP by a house music DJ and producer from Colombia. Jhon Roux brings us Groove Town EP! 3 Original and outstanding tracks + remixes from Super Drug and the SKingz!

Link to the Release: Here


Cat: 4DR011

Artist: Joey Chicago

Title: For You EP

Release Date: Sep/05/2011


  1. Come To Fly With Me (Original Mix)
  2. What Happened Last Night? (Original Mix)
  3. Endless Summer(Original Mix)
  4. Give Me Love (Original Mix)
  5. You Lose (Original Mix)x)

Additional Info:  Bringing you the best of disco house music, 4Disco Records back once again! This time with the sound of a well-known dj and producer, Joey Chicago who brings us 5 sensational tracks that will make you move all night long. FOR YOU EP is the perfect combination between funk, disco, jazz and house.

Link to the Release:Here


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