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How should I send demos to 4DR?

Due to the big number of submissions we have each day, we need to keep an order. So we decide give you some useful tips when you send your sounds:

  • You can use both or for send your works.
  • Your music should be according to the way of 4Disco Records. We are focusing on Disco House, Funky House, French House, Nu Disco (not so progressive),  Vocal House. Please don’t send us Techno, Trance, Jungle subgenres, because they will be rejected.
  • Each track is an universe itself. We need time to analyze your sounds.
  • We’re trying to reply all your messages, and each time we reject a work, we will give you the reasons and advices. Anyway, if we don’t answer you within 10 days, we aren’t interested.
  • Believe it or not, we’re preferring to receive your demos. Soundcloud is nice too, but we will listen first mediafire ones.
  • Your demos must be in mp3 only, 320kbps and a length of 5:00 as minimum.
  • We are preferring 2 tracks or more.
  • It’s very important that your track doesn’t include any famous sample. Also your track must be exclusive, no available for free download or part of a previous release.

Remember… Your work must be creative, fresh, danceable and funny!!!


About 4disco

4Disco Records is an independent web-label formed by 4 Disco-House lovers in 2009. We’re bring you exclusive new tracks, mixes and radioshows with 70s and 80s influenced high quality Disco-House sound.

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